Design Features and Fabric


No detail is too small; every detail for a reason.

Our professional white coats are meticulously designed and field-tested by doctors, nurses, APPs, students, scientists, and many other healthcare professionals. And no detail is too small: from every stitch to every pocket, from every seam to every button, every little detail is carefully chosen and put on our lab coats for a reason. This means clinically important, painstakingly accurate design features; state-of-the-art, breathable, comfortable high-quality fabrics; and smart, refined styling.

Design Features

The design process for our high-quality white coats, consisting of multiple phases with multiple coat prototypes, took over a year to complete. We received the input and feedback of numerous people along the way, whose input and field-testing were vital to making a complete and high-quality designed product: many wear a lab coat or white coat every day; many work in healthcare or medicine; many were students.

Please check out the photos below to learn more about what makes The Good Coat the most clinically-minded, high-quality, comfortable, durably-made, field-tested professional lab coat on the market, with the most state-of-the-art, technical, breathable fabric, with a hint of stretch and an antimicrobial, stain-resistant finish.

Our High-Quality Fabric

Our high-quality fabric is specifically designed and formulated for medical and healthcare uses, and proprietarily made only for The Good Coat. It is truly state-of-the-art and makes for a performance-driven, high-tech, breathable, immensely comfortable professional white coat.

The high-quality white coat fabric itself is a perfect blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex, giving it an out-of-the-box ironed look with a slight stretch – like a comfortable pair of jeans. The weight is ideal for all seasons and climates.

The fabric is finished with Silvadur® anti-bacterial protection, good for clinical uses. It is also protected with 3M Scotchgard® Dual Action “Repel and Release” so that it is repels fluid (fluid beads up easily without being absorbed, including body fluids) and releases potential stains (anti-stain protection that enhances stain release when washing).

And our proprietary, high-quality white coat fabric is woven in a twill dobby weave, giving it a modern look that keeps its traditional twill heritage.

After many months of testing, we think you’ll agree that we’ve created a superb fabric for your professional white coat.

Design Features & Fabric FAQs

What are the key design features of The Good Coat?

Please see the Design Features section above – with photos of both the key design features of The Good Coat as well as a comparison of our white coat vs their white coat.

What is special about the fabric of The Good Coat compared to other white coats?

Our high-quality fabric is specifically designed and formulated for medical and healthcare uses, and proprietarily made only for The Good Coat. It is truly state-of-the-art, and makes for a modern, breathable, performance-driven professional white coat.

What is the fabric used to make Good Coats?

The high-quality white coat fabric itself is a perfect blend of 72% polyester, 26% cotton, and 2% spandex, giving it an out-of-the-box ironed look with a slight stretch – like a comfortable pair of jeans. The weight is 197 grams per square meter (GSM), which is ideal weight for nearly all seasons and climates. And in this weight range, the fabric will not be translucent and see-through, like a lot of fabrics on low-quality, cheaply made white coats. As a reference, light-weight denim jeans are in the range of 255 to 340 GSM.

Will the fabric shrink?


Why is the fabric “state-of-the-art”?

We spent over 1 year researching and fine-tuning our proprietary fabric to be the foundation of the best professional white coat on the market. The polyester backbone provides strength and wrinkle resistance, while the cotton lends a soft hand that will remind you of your most comfortable T-shirt at home. Finally, the touch of spandex gives it a modern feel that will move with you throughout all activities of the day — or night.

Our proprietary white coat fabric is then treated with Silvadur® and 3M Scotchgard® Dual Action “Repel and Release.” Silvadur® offers durable antimicrobial protection, with laboratory documented resistance to Klebsiella Pneumoniae and Staphylococcus Aureus, and is able to withstand high temperature and chlorine laundering. The Dual Action “Repel and Release” provides oil and water and blood repellency in addition to stain release. Whether it’s oil, water, blood, or your morning coffee, any spill on your Good Coat should roll right off and any stain be easily removed.

In short, The Good Coat is made with an exceedingly state-of-the-art fabric.

What is a non-customized coat?

The non-customized Good Coats are our standard models, with tried-and-true, well-liked features that cannot be altered. These are the Men’s and Women’s Frontline Long Coat and The Men’s and Women’s Strive Short Coat.

What is the Customized Coat and what can I customize?

Our customized, made-to-measure lab coats are handmade, individually-fitted professional lab coats made one-at-a-time to your exact measurements and specifications. This authentic and original approach to making professional lab coats is an inventive and gratifying alternative to our Frontline and Strive lab coats. Our customize shop lets you be the designer and clothier of your own custom lab coat. This is perfect for those individuals who want a truly individual, unique professional & high-quality lab coat, and for those individuals with a body size for which standard coats just don’t fit (too short, too tall, too petite, too big, etc).

We build each unique custom white coat one-at-a-time, based on your specific measurements and body size/shape: sleeve length, body length (center back length), chest/bust diameter, waist diameter, hips diameter, and shoulder width. You choose the exact color you want for your inside collar taping and locker-loop. You select the type of buttons you want. And the color and type of embroidery for your name, title, and institution.

With this information, our craftsman hand make your individualized, custom white lab coat at our family-run textile shop. And in about 5-8 weeks you will have a completely handmade, made-to-measure, tailored professional white lab coat – made just for you.

I would like features not available on the Customized Coat

If you don’t see the features you want on our Customized Coats, or you want a professional lab coat design that we do not offer, contact us. Our Specialized Group Coat Design team can work with you to design and manufacture a custom coat tailored to exactly what you want and need.

Our Coat vs Their Coat


Reinforced, durable construction where it counts – with top-stitching in high stress areas of the coat

Taping with bound seams on all inside coat seams, a hallmark of quality construction

Reinforced stitching at the top of the pockets for durability, as this is area of repeated use

Handmade construction


Specially-formulated, breathable fabric with a hint of stretch

Fabric weave

Pockets & Pocket Design

Bilateral large side pockets which fit most sized tablets 

Pocket within a pocket: bilateral smaller side pockets perfect for smartphones, credit cards, keys, protein bars, and other smallish items 

Left breast pocket deep enough for a smartphone, Maxwells, and can even hide a credit card or business cards

Welted hand pockets flush with the coat, for a more professional look (not the cheaply made “patch” pockets, which is made by sewing a square onto fabric)


Back vent for easy walking and comfort 

Side access vents to get to your pant pockets 

side vents


Vented sleeves with cuffs, designed to be physical-exam-friendly by rolling up to the elbows

vented sleeve cuffs

Buttons & Button Holes

Bound button holes, which are hand-sewn for a more refined look 

Customized, high-quality buttons 

high quality button


Collar stand (aka blazer collar), which is an enhanced professional design feature 

Color taping on the neck for a unique, individualized look 

Hanging coat loop

Hanging loop for easy hanging on that over-stuffed white coat rack 

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