White Coat Care & Cleaning

You have two options to clean your Good Coat.

The first is at home. As follows:

  • The high-quality white coat should be washed inside out.
  • Machine wash cold in a gentle cycle; maximum water temp is 60° Celsius.
    • Do not use bleach. Do not wash with dark colors (wash dark colors separately).
  • For drying, either line dry naturally or tumble dry low without drying sheets (see more on fabric softener drying sheets below).
  • For best look, steam iron.

The second option is dry cleaning. It is safe to dry clean your Good Coat. Or alternatively ask your local dry cleaner to wash your professional white coat and steam iron.

Care & Cleaning Q&A:

How do I clean my Good Coat?

Please see instructions above.

How often should I clean my Good Coat?

We recommend cleaning your Good Coat once a week

Can I dry clean my Good Coat?


Why can’t I use drying sheet with my Good Coat?

The Good Coat fabric is a breathable, high-performance, custom made fabric. Drying sheet fabric softeners work by emitting a wax-like substance that adheres to fabrics, making them feel softer and reducing static buildup. When using drying sheets with the Good Coat fabric, the wax will clog the pores of fabric, thereby reduces some of the breathability properties.

Will the fabric shrink?


What happens to the Silvadur® anti-bacterial protection with each cleaning? Does it become less anti-bacterial?

The Silvadur® antimicrobial technology has been shown to be effective over the expected lifetime of nearly all wearable clothing items. Our laboratory testing by our fabric design team demonstrated excellent antimicrobial activity after 50 launderings, which exceeds most expectations for the “life” of textile products. Note that laundering the coat outside of the product guidelines will likely decrease the life of the high-quality coat, so please follow laundering recommendations.

What happens with the 3M Scotchgard® Dual Action “Repel and Release” with each cleaning? Does it repel fluid worse? Does it become more prone to staining?

The 3M Scotchgard® Dual Action “Repel and Release” finish protects your Good Coat in two ways: first, spills are repelled and wipe away easily; and second, nearly all stains lift out in the cleaning/washing process. The Good Coat therefore stands up to the busy, active life of a professional white coat. Our laboratory testing by our fabric design team showed that the fabric will start to lose the original, full Dual Action repellency and release properties after 20 washes. After 20 washes, the protection remains, although slightly less durably.

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