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Our White Lab Coat Story

We are two physicians and close friends who decided that the white lab coats we wear everyday needed a serious upgrade. The design of most white coats is overly simple, with little attention to clinically important details, no style or distinction, and no ability for individualization or customization. Most current white lab coat fabrics are bland and uncomfortable and haven’t kept pace with today’s technologically advanced materials found in all other types of clothing. And a vast majority of today’s white lab coats are mass-produced, often by medical supply or apparel companies that focus on many other products.

We started The Good Coat to change all that. And in doing so, we made a few enduring, foundational pledges about our small business: quality is paramount; no detail is too small; education in medicine, healthcare, and science must unconditionally be supported; and a Good Coat should be worn with purpose and comfort.

Our first aim was to reinvent and revive the lab coat by making exceptional, high-quality, functional lab and white coats, ones that we ourselves are truly and authentically excited about. When you stop to think about it, given the importance of wearing a lab coat or white coat, we should be as pleased with our professional lab coats as we are with any other article of clothing we wear. We designed our high quality lab coats with this in mind: our standard & professional white coats are made with specially-formulated, technical, breathable fabrics with a hint of stretch; they have smart, refined designs with many practical features; and they are uncompromisingly high-quality. We even have an option for you to completely customize a made-to-measure lab coat, made and hand-sewn uniquely for you.

We also see the white coat as a symbol of education; if you wear such a functional coat, it means you have benefited from advanced schooling or training. We value the importance of this education and celebrate this learning and scholarship. Because of it, our second (and equally important) aim is to support, advance, and promote educational and training opportunities in medicine, healthcare, and science. To do this, a key component of our mission as a company is to donate part of our time, services, product, and sales to support and create educational opportunities, solutions, and scholarships in medicine, healthcare, and science.

We are dedicated to producing the most well-designed, high-quality lab coats and white coats available, through a small business that will never lose sight of why we went into medicine in the first place: our desire to make a difference, to heal patients, to find meaning in our work. This focus drives our mission of making unrivaled high-quality, standard & professional, as well as customizable lab coats while supporting and advancing education in medicine, healthcare, and science.

We thank you for choosing to wear a Good Coat.

Treb & Mike
Co-founders, The Good Coat
August 2019

PS: Have any questions or comments? Contact Us by email, or phone. We are a small business, and we will be back in touch with you directly.

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Have any questions or comments? Contact us by email, or phone.
We are a small company, and we will be back in touch with you directly.

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