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Our Values, Our Standards

Working on the front lines of patient care and science, you come to know an immense sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, meaning, and purpose. If you’ve ever had a patient sincerely thank you for helping them, or a colleague or co-worker express their genuine appreciation to you for the service you’ve provided or the research you’ve created, you know how receiving this gratitude feels. It’s tremendously rewarding.

For this reason, people find purpose working in medicine, healthcare, and science. This purpose is very individualized, and often evolves over time: to find a sense of fulfillment; to heal patients; to improve communities; to discover a breakthrough; to help the underserved; to positively change lives; and an infinite number of others.

At the heart of The Good Coat is therefore a simple, meaningful phrase: worn with purpose. When you put on your Good Coat and wear it on the front lines of patient care, medicine, and science, it authentically reflects your commitment to that purpose. It reflects the dedication and long hours of training. It reflects the passion and perseverance. It reflects smarts, know-how, and competence.

Why? Because our coats are cut from the same cloth: unwavering commitment, hard work, passion, ability, distinctiveness, purpose. Good Coats are exceptional, modern, functional lab coats and white coats of the highest quality and created with the upmost attention to smart design and detail.

The desire to find meaning in our work, to make a difference, and to do good are very much woven into our DNA as a company. And this clear and unambiguous pledge – “worn with purpose” – is reflected in what we do and how we do it and is the foundation of our values and our standards as a company.

Our Values Our StandardsOur Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, or corporate responsibility for short, is the “continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large” (from “Making Good Business Sense” by Richard Holme and Phil Watts).

Corporate responsibility is therefore a movement which encourages businesses to take responsibility for their actions on employees, on customers, on the environment, on the communities in which they have a footprint, and on society at large. Companies dedicated and committed to corporate responsibility also agree to abide by international labor and human rights standards.

While we are only a small business, we absolutely embrace the concept and ideals of corporate responsibility. The very fact that we believe that our business, The Good Coat, can improve peoples’ lives is very much in line with the ethos of being a company that acts responsibility.