Customizable Long & Short Lab Coats

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Your preferred design features.
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Our fully customized, made-to-measure lab coats are handmade, individually fitted professional coats made one-at-a-time to your exact measurements and specifications. This authentic and original approach to making professional custom lab coats is an inventive and gratifying alternative to our Frontline and Strive lab coats. Our customized shop lets you be the designer and clothier of your own functional lab coat. By following the steps below, you simply take and input your measurements, decide on your preferred design features and inside taping color, and in about 5 weeks you will have a completely handmade, customized, and tailored professional coat – made just for you.

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Customizable Long & Short Lab Coats

Check out our clinically-important Design Features & our state-of-the-art, proprietary Fabric.
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