Men’s Strive Short White Coat

    Your days are usually packed. Most of the time, so is your white coat. The men’s Strive Short Coat is up to the task. It is loaded with practical and distinctive design features: multiple well-positioned and smartphone- & tablet-sized pockets, state-of-the-art breathable fabric, reinforced durable construction, and more. Built to withstand the daily demands of the hospital, clinic, or lab, this coat has you covered. It will keep you looking-good – even with your overflowing pockets – and is worn with purpose and comfort. Every day. Whether you are here, or on the other side of the world.

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    Men’s Strive Short White Coat

    In school, our days often go in many directions: early morning rounds, small group sessions, sim lab, clinic, preparing tomorrow’s presentation, running the list, studying, late nights on call. And we often remain oriented by remembering why we went into medicine, healthcare, and science in the first place: to positively change lives; to heal patients; to improve communities; to find a sense of fulfillment; to help the underserved; to do good.

    We at The Good Coat share this sense of purpose, this desire to make a difference, and to do good. For us, the white coat represents a symbol of education: wearing such a coat means that you are benefitting from schooling or training in medicine, healthcare, and science. We value the importance of this education, and are creating opportunities for others to achieve it.

    It is for these reasons that our short white coats are worn with purpose, direction, and comfort. Every day. By students learning to be doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, dentists, and many other healthcare professionals. Here, and around the world.

    See how you can completely Customize your short coat, to be entirely individualized. You choose all the design details and features, as well as the inside taping colors, measured to fit, and made exactly for you.

    A coat so loved you’ll want to wear it on my morning run. Check out our photos at #LOVEMYGOODCOAT

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