Women’s Frontline Long White Coat

    Our women’s Frontline Long Coat is a welcome escape from the usual lineup of ordinary women’s white coats. The Frontline has a smart, refined look with a distinctive yet practical design, and is meticulously handmade from state-of-the-art breathable fabric with a hint of stretch. From pockets to buttons, from stitches to seams, every feature is precisely chosen and located, and every coat made with uncompromising craftsmanship. Built for full days in the hospital, clinic, or lab, our stylish women’s long coat is worn purpose and comfort. Every day. Both here and abroad.

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    Women’s Frontline Long White Coat

    Our days at work are rarely the same. Yet one thing is constant: we aim to improve lives, to get people better, to do the right thing.

    The Good Coat shares this sense of purpose, and as a company will not lose sight of why we went into medicine: our desire to make a difference, to heal patients, to do good. This focus drives our mission of making unrivaled professional lab coats while supporting education in medicine, healthcare, and science.

    For us, the white coat represents a symbol of education: wearing such a long coat means that you have benefitted from schooling or training in medicine, healthcare, and science. We value the importance of this education, and are creating opportunities for others to achieve it.

    And because of it, our long professional coats are worn with purpose and comfort. Every day. By doctors and many other healthcare professionals. Both here, and around the world.

    See how you can completely Customize your women’s long coat, to be entirely individualized. You choose all the design details and features, as well as the inside taping colors, measured to fit, and made exactly for you.

    A coat so loved you’ll want to wear it on my afternoon run. Check out our photos at #LOVEMYGOODCOAT

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