white coat ceremony

White Coat Ceremony

In school, our days often go in many directions: early morning rounds, small group sessions, sim lab, clinic, preparing presentations, running the list, studying, late nights on call. And we often remain oriented by remembering why we went into medicine, healthcare, and science in the first place: to find a sense of fulfillment; to heal patients; to improve communities; to help the underserved; to positively change lives.

We at The Good Coat share this sense of purpose, this desire to make a difference, to find meaning in our work, to do good. This is very much woven into our DNA as a company.

It is with this same sense of purpose and conviction that we at The Good Coat support, advance, and promote the education and training of future medical professionals, healthcare workers, and scientists.

We at The Good Coat value and celebrate education, learning, and scholarship. That is why we partner with schools and universities to sponsor their White Coat Ceremonies.

  • Because your white coat matters.
  • Because the company that makes your white coat matters.
  • Because quality and attention to detail matter.
  • Because creating opportunities for others matters.

How The Good Coat can help with your White Coat Ceremony

We have a dedicated White Coat Ceremony Team which will work closely and comprehensively with your school to cover all the details of the White Coat Ceremony coat-ordering process. This starts with a general planning meeting, to establish a time-line and to identify any specific design features your school might want (specialized colors, specialized taping, logos & embroidery). We then work with your school’s Office of Student Affairs (or equivalent) to help students get fitted/sized for their coats. Finally, we will hand-deliver the final product well before the White Coat Ceremony itself, and confirm with you that all details of each coat are perfect.

Contact us to learn more, and to start moving forward with planning.

I want my medical school to partner with The Good Coat

Contact us. Let’s work to make it happen.

The White Coat Ceremony is the most significant early rite of passage for students in the many healthcare fields and professions. Both here in the United States and in Canada, and around the world.

Putting on that white coat for the first time, up on stage in front of your classmates and peers, friends and family, is a symbol of your entry into the world of medicine and the practice of healthcare.

Putting on that white coat every day thereafter, without the audience, is a reminder of something much more personal: your specific reasons and motivations for going into medicine and healthcare in the first place.

At The Good Coat, we share that focus with you, and will not lose sight of why we too went into medicine.

Schools we partner with for the White Coat Ceremony

  • Medical Schools
  • Nursing Schools
  • Dental Schools
  • Physician Assistant Schools
  • Nurse Practitioner Schools
  • Pharmacy Schools
  • Veterinary Medical Schools
  • Occupational Therapy Schools
  • Physical Therapy Schools
  • Chiropractic Schools
  • Optometry Schools
  • Audiology Schools
  • Podiatry Schools
  • and others

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